Khatu Rainbow Sandstone

Michigan Stones is a leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Khatu Rainbow Sandstone from India.

Khatu Rainbow Sandstone is made of fine grained quartz and various other minerals. The presence of other minerals lends attractive color to the stone. Depending on the percentage of constituent minerals the color varies in the form of brown, violet and sometimes reddish veins.

Standard Specification
Classification Sandstone
Custom Made Specifications Feasible
Other Names Khatu Rainbow Sandstone
Color Brown, Pinkish
Variations High
Texture Rough
Standared Tile Dimensions 30x30,60x30,60x45,60x60,90x60
Recommended Applications Flooring, Cladding, Kitchen Countertop, Wall Panel, Fountains, Pavements, Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets, Monuments &Sandstone Gift Artifices